Gadgets And Their Importance In Our Life

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God Has given us enough things with which we can live the peaceful life and comfortable life.Still, we go to make our life better. Gadgets have become very Important part of our lives nowadays. Life is becoming fast every single passing minute and days.

In this fast life, things are also going to be advanced. No matter in which state or in which country we are living we can still in touch with them. But this is not the end but so many things which keep us realize the Importantance of gadgets in our daily lives.

People are always trying to find something new that will Improve our lives dramatically. Some creations that have really changed our lives are the Computers, Smartphones, Internet, Television, Electronic mail, Voice mail, Camera.

Everything has a positive and negative effect on our lives and so does technology. Technology may be very helpful but it can sometime be very harmful.

Role of Gadgets In Our Daily Lives:Role of Gadgets In Our Daily Lives

When we talk about role so it means that thing or stuff plays a vital role and Importance in our daily life cycle. Same like this the gadgets are the electronic device which not just makes our living style advances but also function it according to our demand.

Take a Look at one of the positive effect of Mobile phones in our lives:



Mom talking to son

Nowadays its not limited to just calling, with the invention of Internet, we have features like



Internet Messaging:

Internet Messaging

And Many More…

Now along with this, we can have gadgets like vacuum cleaners, washing machines, hair dryers, lifeline cycles, massages, treadmills, refrigerators, laptop, smart TV’s, smartphones, earphones and many more.

Gadgets are not limited to these daily usage devices, we have technology in various field too. We have gadgets like Intelligent machines, IR sensor, satellites etc

In defense, we have auto tracking missiles, spy trackers, night vision weapons, drones, laser guns etc.

All these have helped a lot to frame our life in present and future, and will continue doing so.

But as we know that happiness and sorrows follows each other. gadgets have made somewhat complex, lethargic and addictive.


It is easy to become addicted to gaming, texting, talking on the phone or socializing online or addicted to porn. Some students attempt to do this in class, which disrupt their learning, and at home it distracts from study time. Kids putting in long hours on their gadget will give less attention to assignments and may be Irritable when they away from their gadgets. They might also sleep less. which can slow down their thinking the next day.


In the past, children and young people filled up their free time bu reading books, socializing, or engaging active creative activity and play. A fixation of gadgets reduces participation in all of these, especially in creativity. Digital world can be vas, but they are always structured.

Still we can make our life a balance one by appropriate use of gadgets. We should know our needs and requirements before using the gadgets and can make our life a more comfortable and balanced one.

So on other side gadgets not only make our lives easier but also save our money and precious time. Buying a single gadget will give us the function of many. It can therefore be concluded that gadgets are Important in our life If we use it careful and focused.

4 thoughts on “Gadgets And Their Importance In Our Life

  1. Gadgets have become our part of life and it is essential too. But we should not get addicted to them. We must use technology in the right way and have control rather than getting into it.

    1. Hi Kavitha,
      Thank you for the comment and for taking the time to read through the post. yes, nowadays gadgets have become essential in our life. Thank You.

  2. Thanks for this article.
    I really find most of the gadgets generally useful. It just makes life easier. But at times, I missed those days when we have lesser gadgets. We kinda talk more personally, we socialize.
    Even though gadgets has its good points, there are also bad points. I guess we just have to use it responsibly.
    All the best!

    1. Hi Hanna, I’m glad you enjoyed the article, and yes we missed those days when we have lesser gadgets. Thank you for your feedback.

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